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About Suspended Fluidity

Suspended Fluidity is a specialty entertainment service company that provides entertainers of the unique variety throughout Arizona, the Southwest, and Las Vegas. With a focus on upscale aerial performance and production, Suspended Fluidity can also provide greeters, dancers, interactive food and beverage models, acrobats, cirque entertainers and more.

The vision and intention of Suspended Fluidity online tutorials, trainings and published work is to help aerialists at any level find and explore movement pathways that incorporate all elements of space available on, with, and around an aerial apparatus. It’s a way of connecting between floor and air. Using dance as a foundation, tutorials have been created to utilize basic movement pathways and share creative variations and transitions on an aerial fabric sling.

Jen James Martin


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Event Management

Engage performers and study aerial arts

Transform dreams into reality.

There’s nothing more impressive than a beautiful, talented, acrobatic performer overhead. Well, maybe if it’s more than one. Or if they are pouring drinks too!
Set your event apart from the rest. Hire our team to create unforgettable memories for your guests. Greeters, Dancers, Human Tables, Cirque Performers and more.
Let us create a performance tailored to your next event. Or how about The Forbidden Garden Experience? (It’s a burlesque variety show)
Learn aerial skills. Build body and spatial awareness. Make Friends. Challenge yourself. Enjoy flying in a safe and supported environment.
Virtual aerial education with an experienced professional. Explore tutorials. Challenge yourself. Join the community conversation. Receive feedback.
Aerial. Pole. Dance. Theatrical. Choreography for solo, duet, group and productions pieces. Professional companies and pre-professional performers.


We strive to provide a variety of entertainment and educational opportunities while honoring professional and competitive rates.



/ class

Offering weekly aerial classes in Prescott, AZ. Monthly/package discounts available.

Event Production & Choreography



Providing unique entertainment options on the floor and in the air throughout the Southwest and beyond.



/ month

Enjoy virtual aerial tutorials and a sense of community. Annual rate $150/yr.

Experience and Photos are forever. Positive feedback is too!


The magic and honestly the hardest thing for me is the transitions and the smallest details. I don't have a dance background and many aerial instructors that I have been around all over do not either... so the ones that do shine bright!


It is so rare for someone to teach a variety of ways to transition into AND out of positions. This instruction is so helpful!


Jen is clear and precise. I love the way she explains things and how her personality isn't lost on video.


The ladies at Suspended Fluidity are fabulous! They are very professional, fun, and amazing to watch!


Suspended Fluidity added so much vibe and allure to the day/night. I would highly recommend them to elevate entertainment for your guests and family.


Jen was amazing!! As an entertainer she interacted with my guests for the entire cocktail hour while we were doing wedding party and family pictures. She was accommodating and professional, not to mention talented. It was such a hit that really brought our reception to the next level.

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