Performers for Hire

Literally raising the bar, our aerialists will dazzle your guests with their grace, skill and professionalism. Elevate your event with world class entertainers in the air. With the ability to customize performances to meet your vision, our aerial dancers can pour cocktails from the air, hype up your guests with engaging ambient movement or highlight a product by creating and performing a mesmerizing act.

Enhancing themes becomes exciting when there are a multitude of apparatus options – choose between:

  • Silks
  • Hammock
  • Lyra
  • Rope
  • Heart
  • Chain
  • Lollipop
  • Pole
  • And more!

When you book aerialists, it is helpful to communicate with your venue and performers well in advance. It is possible that the venue is able to provide rigging solutions (especially for those with accessible steel beams) but if that isn’t the case, Suspended Fluidity can provide stand alone rigging options that work for both indoor and outdoor locations. These include a quad leg rig which is adjustable from 15-23′ height and “lollipop” option for ceilings as low as twelve feet.

Suspended Fluidity will add flair and finesse to your next event. Inquire now for rates and availability.

Aerial Performers



Engage your flights of fancy.

Aerial Offerings

Aerial Acts

Create a moment to remember with showcase aerial acts meant for the whole room to enjoy.


Aerialists can dance and interact with your guests from above.

Aerial Bartending

Drinks from the sky!  This works on floor-based rig options as well.


Venues with and without aerial rigging capability.  Minimum height 12′.


We have portable rig options to use for outdoor locations.


Let’s get creative.

Aerial Inquiry

Would you like to feature an aerialist or other unique entertainment at your next event? Please provide your information so we can give you a call to discuss the possibilities.
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